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This week's harvest!

Here's what you'll be getting this week:



Mystery Apples

Yellow onions


Yellow squash

1 lb baby red potatoes

Organic spring mix

Replacement Items


White asparagus


1/2 lb snow peas



Flash Sale Items


Organic pineapple

Why is this week’s asparagus white?

White asparagus is exactly the same plant as green asparagus!  The difference is that the farmer covered it up or grew it underground.  Blocking the sun’s rays prevents the plant from performing photosynthesis, which usually produces the chlorophyll that makes plants green.  White asparagus has a milder, less vegetable, delicately sweet flavor that some people prefer. Fix it just the same as you would green asparagus!

Tell me more about papaya...

What it is:  Papayas are large, oblong or pear-shaped fruit with smooth skin and rich orange flesh with yellow or pink hues.  Their inner cavities contain round, black seeds encased in a gooey substance.

How it tastes:  Papaya’s flesh has a butter-like consistency and is sweet with musky undertones.  The seeds are edible, with a peppery and bitter flavor, but should only be eaten in amounts smaller than 1 tsp, as they can cause digestive distress if your body is not familiar with them and you eat too many at once.

Health benefits:  Papaya contain a special enzyme that helps humans digest proteins. That enzyme is so powerful that it’s extracted to make supplements that help with digestion!  Papaya also contains an incredible amount of vitamin C, plus lots of folate, Vitamin A and fiber too, making it great for the heart and immune system, among many other things!  Papaya seeds are also highly nutritious, with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Storage tips:  Already ripe papayas are orange, and slightly soft the touch.  They should be stored in the fridge and consumed within 1 or 2 days.  Papayas that are still partially green should be left at room temperature to ripen.  To speed up the process, place the fruit in a paper bag with a banana.

How to eat:  Slice in half, then use a spoon to scoop the flesh out of the skin and slice or dice and eat raw!  More on that here.  You can also dice the flesh, and add minced cilantro, jalapeños, and ginger for a delicious and unique salsa!  Or check out the recipes section for more ideas.


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