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May 14: This week's harvest

Bag Items

Red D'Anjou Pear

Honey Mango

White Button Mushrooms - 6 oz

Yellow Onions

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Snow Peas - 8 oz

Red Cabbage

Replacement Items

Poblano Pepper

Russet Potatoes


$1 Flash Sale Items

Southwest Ranch Salad Dressing - 7.75 oz

Blackberries, clamshell - 6 oz


$3 Flash Sale Items

Black Seedless Grapes, bag - 2 lb

En Español:

Productos en la Bolsa

Pera Roja D'Anjou

Mango Ataulfo

Hongos - 6oz

Cebollas Amarillas

Tomates Misteriosos Especiales


Col Lombarda

Productos Intercambiables


Papas Russet


Productos de Venta Rapida - $1

Aderezo Ranch - 7,75oz

Moras - 6 oz


Productos de Venta Rapida - $2

Kiwi Biológico - 1 lb

Really Yummy Recipes

Take your veggies to the next level this week with Marie’s Market Reserve Southwest Style Ranch!

Put your Broccoli+ Tomatoes to yummy use in this Ranch Pasta Salad.  Swap in this week’s carrots for the recipe’s cucumbers to use even more veggies from the bag!

Make these Buffalo Chicken Tacos with Ranch Drizzle and add in your favorite veggies from the bag to pack a nutrient punch.  We like the idea of Tomatoes, Onions, Cabbage, Poblanos, or even Mangoes!

Plus there’s always the classic Carrots + Ranch!  Or switch it up and dip your Snow Peas in there too!

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