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March 26: This Week's Harvest...

Bag Items

Honey Mango - 1 ct

Bosc Pear 1 ct

Medley Potatoes - 24 oz

Butternut Squash - 1 ct

Portobello Mushroom Chips, clamshell - 6 oz

Avocado - 1 ct

Roma Tomatoes - 1 lb

Organic Mystery Lettuce - 1 ct

Replacement Items

Zucchini - 1 ct

Seedless Cucumber - 1 ct

Watermelon Radish - 1 lb

Flash Sale Items

Grapes (with seeds) - $2 for 2 lb bag

Strawberries - $2 for 1 lb clamshell

Blackberries - $1 per 6oz clamshell

En Español:

Productos en la Bolsa

Mango Ataulfo

Pera Bosc



Rebanadas de hongos - 6oz


Tomates Roma

Lechuga Misteriosa Biologica

Productos Intercambiables

Pepino sin semillas


Rábanos sandías - ½ kg

Productos de Venta Rapida

Uvas rojas (con semillas) - 1kg

Fresas - ½ kg

Moras - 6oz

What is a Honey Mango?

Honey mangoes are the same Mexican variety of mango as the Ataulfo Mangoes available a couple weeks ago.  It’s just another name for the same thing! They are smaller than other mangoes, with a golden yellow hue to the skin (and sometimes some brown speckles and even wrinkling) when ripe and ready to eat.  The flesh inside is also vibrant yellow. Their flavor is sweet and similar to other mangoes, but their texture is the real star of the show. Where other mangoes have a fibrous texture, Ataulfo mangoes have a smooth, buttery texture that you’ll love!  Need guidance on how to cut a mango? Check out this video.

Really Yummy Recipes

  • Strawberries + Mangoes >> Turn these special fruits into breakfasts all week long by making them into these Strawberry Mango Oat Bars!

  • Avocado >> Looking for a lighter, fresher sandwich spread or chip dip?  Set your mayo and french onion dip aside for the week and try this Avocado Dip/Spread instead!

  • Portobello Mushroom Chips >> Whip up these scrumptious little Sauteed Mushrooms in Garlic Butter flavor bombs and put them on everything!

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