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March 12: This week's harvest

Bag Items

Jumbo Cara Cara Orange - 1 ct

Pink Lady Apple - 1 ct

Blackberries, clamshell - 6 oz

Mini Sweet Peppers - 1 lb

Snow Peas - 8 oz

Roma Tomatoes - 1 lb

Green Beans - 1 lb

Collard Greens, bunch - 1 ct

Replacement Items

Zucchini - 1 ct

Seedless Cucumber - 1 ct

Medley Potatoes - 1.5 lb

Flash Sale Items


Blueberries, clamshell - 6 oz

Mystery Grapes, bag - 2 lb

Fun Fact - grape seeds are good for you!

Grapes are a much loved fruit, but if you’re not eating the seeds, you’re missing out on major health benefits!  Grape seeds are full of antioxidants that make them improve bone strength, blood pressure, oral health, night vision, and more!  Read about all the benefits of grape seeds here.

Really Yummy Recipes

Green Beans + Medley Potatoes >> Make this easy One Pot Green Beans and Potatoes for a quick and nutritious side dish!

Snow Peas >> Make your own take-out, but healthier with this Asian Shrimp & Snow Pea Stir Fry!

Blackberries (+ optional Blueberries too) >> Make this Berry French Toast Casserole to make any weekend morning extra special!

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