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Make-up Days for Snow Days

On February 12, 209, the Board of School Commissioners approved the following plan for making up "snow days:"

  • Presidents’ Day will be a district-wide holiday, with all schools and offices closed.

  • The snow day taken on January 14 will be made up on Monday, June 17.

  • The snow days taken on February 11 and 12 will be made up on June 18 and 19.

  • If the district closes all schools for additional days, the first additional day will be made up on June 20, the second on June 21, the third on April 15, and the fourth on April 16.

  • As of today, the professional day for teachers originally scheduled for June 17 will now take place on June 20.

  • If subsequent snow days are taken, we will updates will be made.

See the City Schools Calendar link

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