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Hot chocolate: the new study juice?

By: Kaden

At Armistead Gardens, it has been chilly outdoors lately. Not much recess outside on the blacktop or the playground. Rushing to the heat of your car or home after school. People mainly stay inside during this time of the year. This gave a future businessman named Alex an idea.

Alex is a fifth grader, just like some of you who may be reading this! He has come up with a great idea to help engage with the AG community and kickstart his very own “business” at AG. Alex has coordinated with fellow students in the Gifted and Advanced Learning program (GAL) including Noah, Hajrah, Kevin, Vida, Brooke, and Alan. Alex and his group are going to set up their own hot chocolate stand on the blacktop!

Of course, they need supplies to make this work. They have already taken the initiative to send out letters to AG faculty members asking for valuable donations. Even more letters are planned to be sent out soon for the students and their parents/guardians, so be on the look-out for those.

Alex has his sights set high for this endeavor and any future business his team may own. When interviewed about his business idea, Alex stated, “I saw a lot of people starting out small, and they were able to make their business big in a couple of years." When posed the question of the impact this will have on his team, he replied, “If we create a future business, we will know what it needs, and how to help it grow."

However, what distinguishes Alex from a businessman is that he’s donating all his earnings to the school! If that was not enough incentive to buy from Alex, he’s also done some research on the health benefits of drinking hot chocolate. Alex and his source say that among the beverage being soothing for the mind and throat, it can also brighten your skin, help prevent cancer, and even help you with your memory and math!

When can you get your hands on this study juice? It is expected that Alex’s team will began selling at the start of next month; say hello to Armistead’s newest aspiring entrepreneur!

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