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Feb. 5: This week's harvest

Here's what you'll be getting this week:

Bag Items


Gala apples

1 lb Forelle pears

Organic celery bunch

1 lb yellow onions

1 lb red potatoes

Spaghetti squash

Romaine lettuce

Replacement Items

Cara cara oranges

Jumbo red bell peppers


6 oz jalapenos peppers

Jumbo green cabbage

Flash Sale Items

Cantaloupe - $1 per melon

Apple Cider - $3 per gallon

En Español:

Productos en la Bolsa


Manzanas Gala

½ kg Bolsa de peras Forelle

Apio biologico

½ kg Cebollas amarillas

½ kg Papas rojas

Calabaza espagueti

Lechuga Romana

Productos Intercambiables

Naranjas Cara Cara

Pimientos rojos grandes


6 oz Jalapeños

Col verde grande

Productos de Venta Rapida


3.8L Sidra de manzana


What is a Cara Cara Orange?

Cara Cara Oranges are really special!  They look the same as navel oranges on the outside, but are easy to peel and have pink flesh on the inside!  With low acidity and little to no pith, they taste extra sweet too! 


Really Yummy Recipes

  • This week’s harvest has the makings of a stellar Fruit Salad!  Just peel (if desired) and chop some combination of Gala apples, Kiwi, Cara Cara oranges, Forelle pears, Grapefruit, and Cantaloupe for a lip-smacking, delicious, healthy breakfast, side, or snack.

  • This week’s Flash Sale Cantaloupe is the start of a perfect desert for two!  Simply cut in half, scoop out the seeds, and fill the middle of each half with vanilla Greek yogurt (or vanilla ice cream if you want a real treat) and sprinkle on your favorite toppings for a Vanilla Stuffed Cantaloupe Sundae!

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