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Dec. 18: This week's harvest!

All Produce in a SNAP markets will be on holiday from December 22nd - January 1st. 

Visit here to find an alternate market for the first week in January.

Here's what you'll be getting this week:

Nittany apples

Bartlett pears



Pickling cucumbers

1.5 lb russet potatoes

1 lb Brussels sprouts

Green cabbage

Replacement Items

Organic golden beets

Assorted bread

Butternut squash



Flash Sale Items

2 lb seedless grapes


En Español

Manzanas Nittany

Peras Bartlett



Pepinos para encurtir


Coles de Bruselas

Col verde

Productos Intercambiables

Manojo de remolachas doradas biológicas

Barra de pan




Productos de Venta Rapida

1 kg Uvas sin semillas


Notes about this week's harvest

This week’s beets come with the tops ON, but those tops are wilted.  The tops should be discarded, but the beetroot below is still fresh and delicious!

This week’s cabbages have some yellowing on the outer leaves.  Peel those back and you’ll find a fresh, beautiful green veggie waiting for you inside!

Tell me more about golden beets...

While the beets you usually see are probably deep dark red, beets actually come in many colors!  Golden beets are a bit sweeter, more mellow, and less earthy than their red cousins. They are great for cleansing the kidneys and supporting the heart, and will support your eyes and skin!  They won’t “bleed” and stain your cutting board like a red beet, and they will add a beautiful golden hue to any dish!

Really Yummy Recipes

Butternut Squash - These hearty orange beauties will surprise you with their sweetness and their smooth, dense texture once cooked.  Roasting brings out their best side. Try them like so:

Golden Beets - These jewel-toned orbs add a pop of color to your plate and are also most delicious roasted.  Try them like so:


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