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Dec. 11: This week's harvest

Here's what you'll be getting this week:

Ruby red grapefruit



Organic yellow wax beans

1/2 lb snow peas

Butternut squash


Red bell peppers

Replacement Items

2 lb organic heirloom tomatoes

Organic celery

Organic pomegranates

1 lb purple asparagus

Assorted bread

Flash Sale Items



En Español:




Habas de cer amarillas biológicas

250g guisantes de nieve



Pimientos rojos

Productos Intercambiables

1kg tomates de la herencia biológica

Apio biológico

Granadas biológicas

½ kg esparragos morados

Barra de pan

Productos de Venta Rapida




“What happened to my asparagus?  It’s purple!”

That’s right!  This week we’ve got a slightly different variety of asparagus for you.  And it’s really exciting. Not only is this asparagus more beautiful on the outside (in the biased opinion of someone whose favorite color is purple), but its pale green to creamy white interior is less fibrous than other asparagus and has a higher sugar content.  This means that this purple asparagus is sweeter and more tender than other varieties. Plus, it’s striking purple color comes from potent antioxidants to fight inflammation and boost overall health. And you can still fix it in all the same ways you usually make your green asparagus (but reduce the cook time just a tad -- since this variety is more tender it will cook faster).  You’re going to want to get this Flash Sale quick, before it’s gone!

Really Yummy Recipes

This week’s bag is full of some winning combinations.  Try out some of our favorites below:

Butternut Squash+Apple + Pomegranate =  Roasted Butternut, Apple, Pom Salad for a bright yet hearty fresh, seasonal salad.

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes+Red Bell Peppers +Corn = Sheet Pan Bell Pepper Nachos that looks like a festive snack, but eats like a healthy meal!

Snow Peas+Bell Peppers +Celery = Honey Lime Curry Chicken Stir Fry for a quick and cozy weeknight meal.


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