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April 2: This week's harvest...

Bag Items

Black Plum - 1 lb

Orange - 1 ct

Green Bell Peppers - 1 lb

Corn - 1 ct

Grape Tomatoes, clamshell - 1 ct

Butternut Squash - 1 ct

Red Leaf Lettuce - 1 ct

Replacement Items

Mushroom Chips, clamshell - 6 oz

Bananas - 1 ct

Seedless Cucumber - 1 ct

$1 Flash Sale Items

Honey Mango - 1 ct

$2 Flash Sale Items


Asparagus, bunch - 1 lb

En Español:

Productos en la Bolsa

Ciruela Negra


Chiles Verdes


Tomates Uvas


Lechuga de Hoja Roja

Productos Intercambiables

Rebanadas de Hongos


Pepino sin semillas

$1 Productos de Venta Rapida

Mangos Ataulfo


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Cooking Guide

Love asparagus but not sure how to cook it? Check out this Complete Guide to Cooking Asparagus to learn how to roast, steam, sautée, and even microwave these lovely green stalks!

Recipe Ideas

ChooseCucumbers+Asparagus+Grape Tomatoes at the market and make this Greek Asparagus Salad that’s so tasty, you’ll almost forget that it’s healthy too!

Pick up Mushroom Chips+Green Peppers+Asparagus at the market and fix these Mushroom Asparagus Fajitas for a vegetarian feast!

Purchase Oranges+Asparagus at the market and make this One-Pan Orange Chicken and Asparagus Stir-Fry instead of grabbing take out.

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