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Congratulations 8th Grade,
Class oF 2024!

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Click the image above to watch the video tribute!

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Dear AG students, families, and community, 


In a normal year, we'd be having a closing ceremony for our 8th graders. We'd go to Six Flags, clean out lockers, and wear pjs to school. There would be laughs and hugs and decorations being made and lots of silliness.


But because nothing is normal, I have done my best to honor you here in this video. 


This video was a labor of love. Over 1,000 photos and over 100 hours went into it. I hope you love it. 


And I hope you know that I love you. 


Wishing you all the best, 

Ms. Karre

The students wanted to say the following: 



First teacher I want to thank is Ms. Karre because she was the most helpful teacher I ever had and she inspires me to never give up. The next teacher I want to thank is Ms. Arbuckle for making my favorite subject easier. The next teacher I would want to thank is Ms. Johnson because she taught me more stuff about the parts of Earth that I never knew about and she taught me how to have better discipline. The next teacher I would want to thank is Ms. Matthews because she taught more stuff about my generation that I never knew about. 



I just want to say to all of my teachers that I miss them very much and I hope to see ever teacher whenever I can :) 



First I want to say: Ms. Karre, thanks for helping me with my work and I hope we all get to see you and the other teachers at school. The next teacher is Ms. Mathews because she taught more stuff about generation that I never knew before and really helped me get to learn geography. 



I want to thank all of you for the amazing support to keep me going. You all helped me through 7th and 8th grade they were really fun years of school for me only because you were my teachers. 



I want to say to my teachers thank for supporting me and being there for me. If it wasn't for my teachers, I would get bad grades. Hope my teachers stay safe. I learned a lot from them. 



I want to thank my teachers for the support they gave me and for teaching me. I miss them very much. I hope to see them when I can. 



I want to thank you Ms. Karre for teaching me this year and last year. 



I want to thank my elementary teachers for making me want to go to school. And always making me feel happy at school with my friends. And for being nice to my mom and helping her out with attending after school activities. I will always remember you and save a special place in my heart for you. 



I just wanted to say thank you for being helpful and supportive and just helping school feel like a safe community and environment. 



I just want to thank all of the teachers that have taught me they have been the greatest supporters and have taught me a lot. They also made me the person I am today I am grateful that they were my teachers. I also want to thank Mr. Alonso because he been the best coach and taught me a lot too. 



I'd like to say thank you. I wouldn't be here without all of you. You've made me into the person I've become and I can't thank you enough for that. 



Thank you to all the teachers that helped me progress into the person I am today. You guys have taught me so much in school and out of school. 



I would like to thank all of the 8th grade teachers and Mr. Alonso for everything you have taught me. You’ve been so nice to me and helped a lot. I’ve loved being a student at Armistead. 



I wanna say that you all have been a blast and I am thankful to have such kind teachers, each with their own little quirk that makes them unique, you are all so influential and great. 


Roberto A.

I want to thank Ms. Karre for always being there for me when I’m was struggling in my work and always helping me. 



I want to thank all my teachers because I learned from all of them.I want to especially thank Mrs.Mathews she is like the best most sassy most beautiful person I've ever known.She was always there for me and I'm going to miss those warm and really tight hugs she gives me every morning and afternoon. Ms.Karre showed me to become the person I am today and showed me to never give up on my dreams. 



I would like to thank all my teachers for giving all of use a good education. I’d also like to thank Ms. Karre for always being there for us, always having a positive attitude, and being supportive of us. 



First I want to say: Ms. Karre, thanks for helping me to get my grade up. Next teacher is Ms. Matthews, thank you for when I was having a bad day and you let me sit in your room. 



I want to say that I enjoyed the past 2 years of working with my teachers. I love how you made us feel safe to talk to you about our problems and things going on in our lives. I'm sad that we didn't have an official goodbye and that our time of having you as our teachers was cut short. I hope that everything is well and you guys will always hold a spot in my heart. I truly can say that you guys are my favorite set of teachers I have had during all my years of being at AG. I miss you all. 



I want to thank you, Ms karre, for helping and teaching me for the last 2 years.

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